Brick recovery

Hi there, in this page I am explaining how to recover your SE208BW if you bricked it.


1. A windows pc.

2. Your bricked SE208BW


1. Download binary firmware images for different regions:

Europe/Asia version (TW)

America version (AW)

Do not use the TW firmware if your device has preinstalled the AW firmware, and vice versa! To check the initial firmware region of your SE208BW check on the sticker under the device.

2. Rename the downloaded file to 208BW_image.bin

3. Connect pc directly to your SE208BW using Ethernet cable.

4. Turn on your SE208BW while pressing the reset button with a pen as shown in image.

5. Change IP address settings by going in:

My network environment ->View network connection -> Local area connection -> Attribute for windows xp

Network and sharing center -> Change adapter settings -> Local area connection -> Attribute for windows 7 and 8

And changing settings to:

- IP address : 192.168.10.XXX (set “XXX” to any value but not 150)

- Subnet mask :

6. Open up in internet explorer, click browse and select downloaded bin file.

7. Click on send and wait until it finishes upgrading. There should be a countdown that says how much time remains. If there isn't type F5 to update the page.

8. Enjoy your fixed SE208BW! And next time be more careful!