SmartHub CD/DVD reader/burner program

On this page you will find instructions on how to install and use the SmartHub CD/DVD reader/burner, a set of tools to read and burn CDs and DVDs directly from your PC.

This program was created by Daniil Gentili and Ozkaya.


1. Your SE208BW

2. A usb flash drive with at least 4 gb of capacity (8 if you want to burn a Double layer DVD).

4. A cd or a dvd

5. A Windows PC (Linux and Mac version coming soon!).


1. Download the Smarthub CD/ DVD reader burner installer for windows from here and install the program.

2. Connect your pc and the SE208BW to the same network (wifi connection is not necessary, in fact, ethernet is recommended)

3. Attach a USB drive with at least 8gb of capacity to the SmartHub.

4. Login into the SmartHub web config page by opening up your favourite web browser, typing in the address bar http://smarthub and entering your password (if you haven't changed it, just press login without entering a password)

5. Click on information: if you see your USB drive's capacity under Available / Total Capacity, it means that the USB drive was recognized sucessfully.

6. Turn on the FTP/SMB, DLNA servers (network service tab).

7. Change the password of the FTP/SMB servers to smarthub.

8. Change the password of the SE208BW to smarthub (System -> admin). If you don't want to change the password of the SE208BW you will have to change the SEND "smarthub\m" line in the script-cd and the script-dvd files to SEND "yourpassword \m" (if you didn't set a password change this line to SEND "\m" )

9. Open windows explorer, type \\smarthub and press enter. At the username and password prompt enter smarthub for both and check remember credentials. If the connection succeeds proceed to the next step.

10. This should be it. Place some data DVD or CD in the smarthub, double click the WIRELESS DVD READ shortcut on your desktop and you should be able to browse it.

11. To burn a CD, put a blank CD in the smarthub and drag some files/folders to the WIRELESS-CD-BURN shortcut on your desktop.

12. To burn a DVD, put a blank DVD in the smarthub and drag some files/folders to the WIRELESS-DVD-BURN shortcut on your desktop.

The installer program is freeware, all tools in the folder belong to their respective creators, whose names can be found by running the .exe files.

Enjoy your supercharged SE208BW!

Daniil Gentili & Ozkaya