Iso burner station

If you want to use your SE208BW as a Linux ISO burner station, you can use this guide.

If you have a Windows PC you can use this simple program to burn the image (Linux and Mac version coming soon!).


1. Your SE208BW

2. A usb flash drive or a usb hard drive.

3. The direct download link to your ISO or if you have already downloaded it, a PC.

4. An empty cd or dvd

5. Your favourite telnet client on your pc or phone.


1. Turn on your SE208BW.

2. Insert your empty CD or DVD and your usb drive into the SE208BW.

3. Telnet into your SE208BW and type

wget your ISO download link

3.1. If you have already downloaded your ISO than first connect your usb drive to your PC and copy your ISO into its root directory.

4. Now type

growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/sr0=/mnt/usbs/yourlinuxiso.iso

If you want to burn the iso on a DVD

Or, if you want to burn the iso on a CD, type

cdrecord -v gracetime=0 -eject speed=48 dev=0,0,0 /mnt/usbs/yourlinuxiso.iso

5. When finished type exit and retrieve ejected disk from your SE208BW.

Enjoy your ISO burner station!