Hardware info

The SE208BW

has a small motherboard

with a Cortina CS3516 CPU,

a 128 Mbits (16 megabytes) Spansion S29GL128S flash memory (datasheet here)

and two Samsung k4h511638 RAMs each around 64 megabytes for a total of 128 Megabytes of RAM.

The motherboard also has a rt2860 wifi card that is connected using a multi pin connector that I've never seen before, would somebody please tell me what is this connector?

The motherboard also has a female power jack for the power cable, an Ethernet connector, an internal male mini USB connector for the DVD/CD reader/burner, an external female USB port for USB drives, another female external mini USB port to connect the DVD/CD reader/burner directly to the PC bypassing the motherboard and a reset button.

The DVD/CD reader/burner is a SN208.

Do you think this is a JTAG connector or a parallel connector?

Here you can see all the photos in maximum quality: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9RhOvT7NSDqblNHZ2QwU0JoN28&usp=sharing