For the SE208BW, specifically for Debian Chroot and the X window manager.


1. Your SE208BW.

2. A USB key, you should use the one that you used for the Debian chroot, if possible.

3. Your favorite telnet client on pc or phone.


1. Download this file from dropbox by clicking on download on the download page at this URL:


And put it into the root of your usb drive

2. Connect your usb drive to your SE208BW

3. Telnet into your device and type

sh /mnt/usbs/mkswap.sh

This will create a 512 MB swap.swap file in the root directory of your usb drive.

To enable swap next time you connect your usb drive, just telnet into your device and type:

swapon /mnt/usbs/swap.swap

Enjoy your supercharged SE208BW!