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X window manager

This hack involves installing an X window manager inside the Debian chroot.

1. Your SE208BW
3. Really important Swapfile

To install a x window manager just type inside the Debian chroot:
apt-get install name of windows manager
export DISPLAY=ip.adress.of.xhost:0
name of window manager&

If you want to enjoy not only the desktop itself but also GUI programs. I have managed to run programs like K3B to burn DVDs and CDs and I think the SE208BW will manage almost any program except for browsers and (of course) video editors.

Here are the x windows managers that I installed on my Debian chroot:

1. Enlightenment E16
So far it looks to me the best. Beautiful ui, fast and lowest memory usage (5 out of 125)

2. Jwm
One of the best that I tested. Fast, interesting ui and low (almost) ram usage (3 out of 125)

3. Dwm
Probably just the x server programs that I used, but it looked to me kind of slow and not really intuitive (Doesn't use so much ram as Twm though; 3 out of 125).

4. Twm
Okay, just a bit too heavy for the ram (2 megabits left out of 125), but overall okay

Enjoy your GUI SE208BW!